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Château Lafitte 2021 , Michel Rolland tasting:

Pretty ruby color with purple reflections.
The nose is very expressive, with notes of violet, mint and spices.
The palate is round, sweet and very fresh. This 2021 vintage has a lot of charm.
The finish is long, juicy and very pleasant.
A bottle to enjoy now.

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Château Lafitte 2020, Michel Rolland tasting:

Diesen Wein schmückt eine sehr schöne rubinrote Farbe von großer Intensität.

Sein aromatischer Ausdruck ist sowohl bezaubernd als auch rassig mit Noten von schwarzen Früchten, begleitet von würzigen Noten.

Der Mund ist salbungsvoll und sehr charmant! Ein Wein mit großer Eleganz und großer Länge, würdig des Jahrgangs 2020.

Ein Wein, den man jetzt genießen oder noch ein paar Jahre im Keller lagern kann.

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Château Lafitte 2019, Michel Rolland tasting:

Very pretty ruby ​​color with purple reflections.
The nose reveals a lot of complexity and finesse.

Marked by notes of ripe fruit, then evolving into spicy and roasted notes.

The attack on the palate is fleshy and creamy, the medium is generous but well balanced. A good texture accompanied by a beautiful liveliness, bring to this wine a real capacity of aging.

The finish is charming and juicy, which will allow it to be appreciated quite quickly.

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Château Lafitte 2016, Michel Rolland tasting:

This 2016 shines with its splendid ruby color.

The rather discreet nose reveals very subtle aromas of tobacco, incense and liquorice.

It then opens with notes of forest fruits.

The attack on the palate is fresh and smooth. The structure seduces with its elegance and silky tannins.

A very charming wine also by its persistence and generosity.

A bright future for this nectar but already very sexy for lovers of young wines.

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